Media Relations

Our media relations service is built on local and international knowledge and connectivity through great contents and professional structure, understanding media workings and existing relationships with key media outlets.
Competence and experience inspire client sensibilities to determine what to speak of, where, and how, based on an in-depth understanding of the media and their priorities. We inspire and shape ideas to stimulate companies and organizations to mold contents to create emotional experiences that drive participation through significant contents, innovative storytelling and suggestive subjects.
As a result, we are often the first port of call for information and tips on major stories and features.

We support spokespeople at events, prepare them to interact with the media and the public effectively. Spokespersons must also be aware of lifestyle, cultural trends, and sensitivities of the host country, our briefings are an essential guide to Switzerland’s peculiar economic, social, and political environment.

The following are basic examples of our media services:

Strategic media relations consultancy
Targeted media communications strategies and action plans
Digital media
Story mining and narrative development
Press releases and press conferences
Contacts with reporters and article production
Executive positioning and visibility programs
Media training and spokesperson development

Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications means business development. Communicating drives market access, promotes public awareness and creates acceptance and identity in times of increasingly regulated and highly competitive markets.
We take the business situation into consideration, but also the specific expectations of all stakeholders involved. We develop concise messages and effectively convey these through relevant communications channels.
Strategic consulting: Strategy development, positioning, differentiation strategies
Corporate Messaging and Corporate Master Narrative Development
CEO reputation management and positioning
Media Training and Executive Coaching
Internal Communications
Corporate communications through cultural and contemporary art events

Investor Relations

We have been helping clients to navigate the European media and policy scenes for over three decades in a fast-paced, deadline oriented environment.
Our Investor Relations experience includes preparing earnings scripts, investor presentations and press releases, assist in the development of long-term client plans and programs, generating recommendations and creating presentations.
Proven experience working in strategic investor relations, mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, and initial public offerings (IPOs).
The evolving, competitive marketplace means that organizations need to mind their media manners and fine-tune their communications more than ever.

Crisis Management

Mediaconsult provides the specialization, the promptness, the breadth and depth of experience to support our clients in responding to issues both locally and across the world when they arise.
Our focus is on special situations, including in remote and high-risk areas. Being Swiss is an added value in terms of international acceptance and political neutrality. Our team is highly respected as one of the most experienced and best resourced in the industry.
We provide around-the-clock availability of a practiced team, in close coordination with legal and financial advisors. Proven rapid response expertise, combined with the knowledge to protect and restore reputation, allow our clients to manage and mitigate damage during difficult situations.

Companies doing business abroad could face the possibility of messages being misinterpreted by regional audiences which can result in immediate shock and long-term damage With our extensive history in Switzerland, Italy, the UK, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Tunisia and our deep understanding of regional sensibilities, Mediaconsult provides the strategic counsel, hands-on expertise and operational capability to ensure a timely, appropriate and confident response to achieve the best possible outcome of communications and operational issues.

Mediaconsult has a proven track record. Often, we are called in by the largest PR networks worldwide as a task force to safeguard the reputation of their own clients – who range from global brands, multinationals to public sector organizations and governments.
Why not streamline the process and retain Mediaconsult directly at your service then?